The products are GMP and ISO certificated, and we have an international biotechnology research and development team from USA and Japan. DR. AMERICO insists all products to medical cosmetic clinics, pharmacy and salons. DR. AMERICO has multiple series of products, from basic cleansers, self-use skin care, to related courses, to offer complete assistances to our customers.

AMERICO also offers assistances, from brand designs, marketing, to trainings. Marketing area includes USA, Europe, Asia countries, etc.

We can develop specific formulas to meet the requirements of Asian people.

AMERICO products are developed and produced in accordance with strict quality criteria. Controlled natural ingredients can be absolutely trusted. We have never stopped to research high-technology and new ingredients.

In addition, the corporation is developing dental products such as dental chairs, small equipments, burs, impression, x-rays, handpieces…

Dr. Americo Group, LLC was registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All products were submitted to the FDA and were granted Certificates of Free Sale.

  1. Superior Customer Service

The success of Dr. Americo Group, LLC will be directly linked to the Company’s ability to satisfy customers. Customer service will start with a courteous and professionally trained staff, as there is no better way to retain existing customers. Dr. Americo Group, LLC’s business model will revolve around the delivery of superior customer service. From employing professionals with the highest customer service skills, to investing the time and energy required into its customer care, Dr. Americo Group, LLC will ensure the provision of outstanding customer service, which will lead to satisfied customers after every order, and allow the company to stand out from its competitors.

  1. Superior Products’ Quality

Dr. Americo Group, LLC will wholesale high-quality dietary supplements, cosmetic products, and dental supplies to its customers. The company will make sure to sell products that stand out from the products offered by its competitors. This will ensure that customers are satisfied with the products and will likely recommend Dr. Americo Group, LLC to others.

  1. Competitive Prices

Dr. Americo Group, LLC will make sure to, at all times, have either competitive or below average prices. The fact that Dr. Americo Group, LLC will have competitive or below average prices will create a slight additional incentive in consumers’ minds to choose Dr. Americo Group, LLC over its competitors.

  1. Professional’s Support

Dr. Americo Group, LLC will, at all times, have significant the Doctor’ s support. Not all competitors have this kind of industry-related expertise and, thus, its existence will create a significant advantag.